070-36 Mask Refresher Spray - Luv the Oils

070-36 Mask Refresher Spray - Luv the Oils

070 Luv the Oils

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Enjoy freshness in every breath you take with our invigorating and purifying Face Mask Refreshing Spray. Wearing a face mask can help you and loved ones stay safe and healthy, but the air you breathe in can get stale and even malodorous after a few short hours. Our refreshing mask spray is enriched with relaxing, odor-combatting essential oils and  so you can feel revitalized, relaxed, and reinvigorated while breathing comfortably—no matter how long your mask stays on for the day. We offer four different types of sprays so you can combat what you would like on each given day. To be used on reusable masks only.

Calm Helps to keep your nerves calm and anxiety away.

Immunity Helps support your immune system with a combination of antibacterial essential oils.

Refresh Helps to keep your respiratory system strong and you mask smelling fresh. 

Energizing Wearing a mask can be difficult through the day so spritzing the energizing essential oils will give you the boost you need. Works well with Energy Boost Roll On!

* Masks should be washed after each use in hot water and dried. These sprays can be used after you have washed the mask and then throughout the day.

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