About Us

We believe that, by sharing our creative passions with others, we are giving you a glimpse into our hearts & souls.

We are a close knit community of like-minded individuals who have come together to support each other in this venture and in our work. It's our passion to promote and support fine arts and crafts in the community and to welcome new Artists and Artisans to join us. 

We are Makers first! As Makers ourselves, you will not only see our faces in the store, but also our work. We bring you an exceptional shopping experience, proudly connecting you to the Makers you love.

Let’s put a name to those faces! Left to right:

Coreena Kornel - Owner and Artist over at Fearless hART. Her role with Painted Door on Main is to develop systems and to oversee the finances. 

Sherry Allies - Owner and Artist over at Sweet Bean Art. Her role with at Painted Door on Main is to do our graphic design and branding, to oversee our social media and to maintain our online store. 

Bonnie Belzevick - Owner and Artist over at Country Compass. Her role with Painted Door on Main is to coordinate all our displays and merchandise our products. She makes our store looking amazing!

Bonnie-Jean McAllister - Owner and Photographer/Artist over at Ealanta Photography + Ealanta Art Wear. Her role at Painted Door on Main is to handle all things vendor related and to be the business and city liaison. She coordinates all vendor restocking, overseeing all the products that wind up on our shelves and walls.

We are a very efficient and cohesive team that works incredibly well together. We are SO excited to share our love of local, handmade Artists and Artisans with you. 

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