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We're always accepting applications!

Are you a Maker? Or do you know someone who makes unique and interesting products that you love?

Makers can apply to become a Vendor for our storefront in downtown Beaumont, Alberta.

What you need to know before applying:

Our Vendor fee structure has been thoughtfully created for flexibility and stability. It is a combination of commission and monthly fee. All details are in the application.

Your acceptance is based on a variety of criteria including but not limited to:

~The quality & uniqueness of your work~
~The appeal of your branding, packaging & marketing~

~Whether we have something similar in the store already~

    We love seeing the work of unique Artists and Artisans. As makers ourselves, the four of us work closely in our review and decision to bring in new Vendors. All applications are considered (and kept on file) and those who are accepted will receive our Vendor Package by email. Regardless of our decision, we do respond to every application. 

    Apply to be a Storefront Vendor

    Our brick and mortar is a dedication to the maker lifestyle and the promotion of those like-minded individuals. We strive to take the stress out of selling and allow you the freedom to create and offer your products to a much larger client base. We will always be primarily stocked by our talented Alberta Maker community. That being said, if we love you and your product and you can get it to us, you can be in the store - even if you're not local!

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