007-15 Clutch Wallet - Ealanta Art Wear

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Artwork in bite size pieces. Add a touch of style to any outfit. These carry-all zippered cases can be used as a clutch, purse or wallet.

Made in Canada with the exclusive images of Bonnie-Jean McAllister or Ealanta Art Wear + Ealanta photography

Bonnie-Jean of Ealanta Photography has been a Professional Photographer for more than 25 years with varied experience in all aspects of photography. Her love of travel and zest for life has led her to many great photographic experiences including trips to Italy for Debbie Travis' Tuscan Getaway (www.tuscangetaway.com). From coast to coast Bonnie-Jean’s Photographic Art Works, adorn the walls of homes and businesses. Her work has been published in several magazines and newspapers across Canada, United States & Internationally.

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